Mobile Gaming Conferences Worth Attending in 2016

a scene from video gaming conferenceMobile gaming conferences are the party of Mobile gamers world-wide. What didn’t exist merely 10 years ago is now a burgeoning industry with billions of dollars in market cap and the trends is on its upward trajectory. Due to the popularity of mobile games for platforms like Android and iOS, there have been many conferences dedicated to mobile gaming in recent years.

So what exactly can you enjoy when you attend mobile gaming conferences? There will surely be games to be played with your other gamers. Besides the gaming, there are typically parties and concerts so you better get ready to rock out with your gamepads, or smartphones in this case.

It’s easy to get carried away attending all these wonderful gaming conferences but here are a few that are a must-go-to events in 2016 and for good reasons.

MGF Icons – Los Angeles, California: June 16, 2016

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Dubbed as an invite-only event for mobile gaming companies executives only, this is sure to look like one of those professional conferences overloaded with suits and ties. Previously held in luxurious hotel chains like Rits in London, this year’s MGF is going to be held in LA.
If you are an executive for mobile game companies or want to become one, then it might be worth wiggling your way into this. Some prominent mobile game companies will be featured as speakers including:

  • Chris Akhavan, President of GLU, creator of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
  • Sebastien Kriese, Chief Head of Partnerships of Wooga, creator of Jelly Splash and Diamond Dash
  • Kent Wakeford, COO of Kabam, behind games like Heroes of Camelot and Wartune.


WTH?! Con – Greensboro, NC: March 4 to March 6

Going strong since 2001, this eccentric annual convention is the ultimate outlet for all things geeky. Video games? Check. Fantasy fictions? Of course. Anime? Yup. Hosted by Gulliford College Yachting Club, this year’s What The Hell?! Con features an apocalyptic theme. This means all participants are encouraged to dress up in your favorite post-apocalypse outfit.


Samsung Developers Conference – San Francisco, California: April 27 & 28th

Samsung has in recent years been working on fostering a positive relationship with developers and their effort shows. Samsung Developers Conference is the premier conference to attend if you are an app developer for Android platform. You will get the scoop on all the future generation of hardware that Samsung is cooking up and you will also be able to get your hands on exclusive dev-kits before anyone else. Currently, 60 technical sessions are in schedule and you can expect to get ahead in mobile game development by attending this must-see event for game developers.


Gameacon – Atlantic City, New Jersey: October 28 to 30th

Truly a unique video gaming conference that is like no other. Gameacon is for artists who contribute to video games with their art, helping them network and further their craft and career. Targeted for indie developers and the fans of their games, Gameacon is a casual, no-frills game conference that are focused on networking, education, exhibits, awards and job opportunities.

Here are their featured list of speakers for 2016’s event:

  • Kate Edwards, Executive Director of IGDA (International Game Developers Association)
  • Mark Mandel, Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform
  • Jon Jones, Art Producer and Outsourcing Manager, who has worked with Epic Games


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